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European Instructors Training 2019

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With Grand Master San Gee Tam
and Master Annukka Holland

Challenges and Focus

Life presents us with challenges every day in order for us to focus on what we want to learn and where we want to grow: contrast shows us what it is we really want from life.
We face challenges as instructors and -trainees, as masters and grandmasters in the Golden Flower Tai Chi School as well and we invite everyone to embrace them for what they are: opportunities to grow, to heal and to move forward to a new level of inspired living.

Challenges and Focus

It is in this realm of focus and embraced challenge that the Dutch Team is organizing the upcoming European Instructors Training.

We are ready to take the next step in development as European Tai Chi Instructors. In the conversations we are having with our colleagues in the UK and in Belgium this eagerness to take it on is felt as well.
The next event together is a great platform to evolve to that next level. Through our communications together we are discovering how that transforms into a solid program for the next training.

A solid program for both instructors and trainees

The foundation of the Golden Flower Tai Chi School is in the Golden Flower Basic Form, which will give us a good platform to start the training from: working on actualizing the curriculum that so many of us are working on. Both for trainees, for starting and advanced instructors and a beautiful opportunity for our masters in the school to share their deepest knowledge on principles, application and awareness with us. We can spend the first two days of the training on this material as a building block for the next level.
This training will be set up in such a way that trainees and instructors of all levels will work together to bring the focus and study to a higher level.

We would like to continue the thirth day with Long Form. For those that would rather spend more time on studying the material presented in the first two days, that is also possible! We will provide those students with a separate hall studying with advanced instructors and either grandmaster San Gee Tam or master Annukka in workshops.
Day 4 of the training will be a solid training into the Small Circle Form for those who want to work on their level of expertise there. Parallel we will still facilitate study of the previous material with advanced instructors and Nuke or Sangee in separate workshops.

We will conclude the training on day 5 together, summarizing all the material learned.

Evening sessions will be from 7.30 to 9.00 pm and will be led by Master Annukka and Grandmaster San Gee Tam, giving ample room afterwards for the need to come together and socialize after a hard day of work.

Morning warm-up sessions will be led by advanced instructors. For the extra enthusiastic that want to train part of the time after lunch we are providing possibilities to train guided by an advanced instructor as well.

On Communication

Currently we are in weekly communication with Grandmaster San Gee Tam and Master Annukka on the program, on the focus and the whole opportunity of this training. The Dutch Team is in constant communication on presenting a wonderful training for you. We are planning more communication with everyone that is enrolling for this event to make sure it is more than worthwhile to attend.

In order to smooth the path for this we have set up a secure Facebookpage Golden Flower Challenge 2019, for which you are invited to join: https://www.facebook.com/groups/682348112215070/

Please use this Facebookpage to ask any questions you may have, either to your colleagues or to San Gee Tam and Annukka, share your best practices on this page, tell us how we can support you to attend and what it is you would like to study this upcoming training.
Are you not able to attend this training? Please still use the Facebookpage to stay in touch and join in on the conversations!

Use the Facebookpage wisely: please answer a question that is directed to you in the Facebookpage. You can decide for yourself whether to do that in the Facebookpage or offline by calling or mailing the person that asked you the question.

It is still months away from this training event and plenty of room to make changes in the program, the outline, the focus. We have booked the venue, which is again a lovely place to come together and focus on the work we need to do together. The venue and the training are confined to 30 people participating, so enrolling early is the smart thing to do.
Please give us your thoughts on the program and let us know whether or not you will join us this year.


What you practice, you become.

We invite you to enroll in this upcoming 5 day Golden Flower Challenge 2019 event from October 25th till October 30th in the Beukenhorst te Biezenmortel. This venue is a bit more economical than Papendal in Arnhem, allowing us to facilitate this training for € 975,00 per person all inclusive.

De Beukenhof
Capucijnenstraat 46,
5074 PJ Biezenmortel
The Netherlands

To register

In order to register please click here or the button below to fill in the form.
Please send your form to us before July 30th 2019, maximum participants 30 people.

Enrollment Form

Keep in touch

We as the Dutch Team love to stay in touch with you. We want to create this upcoming event and the future of our school and community as instructors in Europe together with all of you. Let’s do this!!!

Happy Chi from the Dutch Team:

Martès, Ton, Trudelies, Corrie, Job, Shabab, Ina, Wanda and Marianne.